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Jeepney Psychology is a passion project by a shy Broadcasting graduate who wants to be heard online, even if he doesn’t always know what to say. Starting with posts about observations of Pinoy mentality and behavior, topics currently include travel, food, lifestyle, technology, love and relationships, and more.

The language of the blog is a mix of Tagalog and English, whichever I can express my thoughts with the best. The bilingual nature of the blog also allows me to reach some foreign audiences. Content is created with a balance of optimization for search engines and human readers.

Jeepney Psychology had various contributor writers in the past but currently only employ one staff to run the whole enterprise.

For any questions, suggestions, and violent reactions, you can use the email form below:

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Jeremiah is a Broadcasting graduate with a passion for Journalism. His goal is to experience as many things as possible so his children and grandchildren will always have stories to hear before bedtime. In his free time, he watches movies, pawns n00bs, learns Japanese, and other trivial stuff.

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