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App Feature: Vuewin (Lottery on Your Phone)

A Way to Spend Free Time

Money makes the world go round, and you can only make money when you sell something. You can only sell something if people know about it, and people will only know about it if you tell them about it. Hence, the hundred billion dollar Advertising Industry.

Ads are getting smarter too, disguising themselves as entertainment to lure potential customers. In the Philippines, we have an android app specifically made just for advertisements. It’s called Vuewin.

Vuewin Logo and Loading Screen
The Vuewin logo, which is also the loading screen

Go ahead and click that link. It’s no scam, no viruses, and boasts a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store. I personally use the app when I have free time.

I would recommend this app to you if:

  • You have 15mins of free time in your day;
  • You like the thrill of playing a game of chance;
  • You like discovering new stuff to try out.

And on the other hand, ignore this app if:

  • You don’t have free time (not even a few minutes);
  • You hate gambling;
  • and If you absolutely hate commercials.

What Exactly is Vuewin

Vuewin defines itself as your “Personal Billboard,” where you can view advertisements at your own leisure. You view the ads of their sponsors, and in turn they’ll reward you with virtual lottery tickets.

So the saying is “View ads for a chance to win!”

I guess the biggest selling point here is that you pay absolutely nothing to participate in this game.

How do You Play It


This is the main menu when you open up the app. Just tap on “View Ads” and you’ll be taken to the page where the advertisements will be displayed. So far, what I’ve seen are commercials for food and beverages, restaurants, clothes and cosmetics, events, and Vuewin-related messages.

Brands range from household names to relatively newer companies. Ads are usually simple; just a picture of the product itself. Sometimes, it feels like browsing through Instagram.

Here is an example of an ad *drools*
Here is an example of an ad *drools*

There is a Vuewin button that you can drag up to go to the next ad or drag down to save it as a favorite. Sometimes, you can also drag it to the right to show more information about the product displayed.

A "More Information" page which can be accessed by dragging the button to the right. This is a screenshot from months ago so that position may have already been filled in!
A “More Information” page which can be accessed by dragging the button to the right. This is a screenshot from months ago so that position may have already been filled in!

It also acts as a counter, showing you how many tickets you have already earned, and how many ads you still have to view before earning another.

You earn a ticket every 10 ads viewed
You earn a ticket every 10 ads viewed

After viewing 10 ads, you will earn your ticket. You can opt to view more ads or to play the ticket that you already have.

Ads that you saved as favorites can be viewed again later for reference. You can access this page via the main menu. Here, you can also check the coupons that you have saved.

I am a simple man. I see food, I add to favorites.
I am a simple man. I see food, I add to favorites.

You can view around 50 ads per day, which should net you 5 tickets. You can earn more by referring a friend.

What to Do with a Ticket

After earning a ticket, you can use it in one of the three lottery games within the app. The results used within Vuewin are based on the results of the draw from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO.

Playing the Ticket Vuewin

This is the 2 Numbers game where you can win bronze chips.

2 numbers game Vuewin

Below is the 4 digit game where you can win silver chips.

4 Digits Game Vuewin

And the current game where you can win the best prizes is the 6/49 game. This one is my fave.


After submitting your number combination, you will be asked to confirm it to make sure that you didn’t mistakenly press any number (after all, we have ‘lucky numbers’ like birth dates, etc). A confirmation email is also sent to your email address.

What’s great about it is that you don’t have to buy a newspaper or look online to check if you won, because there is a built-in notification page where you can see the winning combinations. You will also be claiming your prizes here.

Clean and simple
Clean and simple

What are the Prizes?

There are three ‘levels’ of prizes that you can choose if you win. The best prizes that you can win are cars with the likes of a Mazda or an Innova in the mix. These can only be availed if you win gold chips, which you get by winning the 6/49 lottery.

Prizes you can only get with gold chips
Prizes you can only get with gold chips

Mid-range prizes include gadgets like a Macbook Pro, or paid travel packages. These can be availed with silver chips that you can win with the 4 Digits lottery game. On the lower end of the list are prizes like Steam Wallet funds or Cellphone loads, availed by bronze chips that can be won in the 2 Numbers lottery game.

You can also win consolation prizes called ‘regular chips.’ These can be had if, for example, you guessed 3 out of 6 numbers in 6/49. You can exchange these chips for load, or more tickets.

regular chips prizes vuewin

The Hi-Lo Game

Still have time? You can also play their Hi-Lo game which is another chance-based game where you can win more regular chips. I typically play this after I viewed all of the ads available for the day.


This game may be a bit confusing at first, but it actually only takes a few tries to learn. You just have to guess if the next number will be higher and lower than the one currently displayed. The worse the odds, the higher the returns will be.

You can check out their tutorial by clicking this link.

Let’s Win Together!

As a user, I’d like to share my referral codwith you, which you can enter when you decide to download Vuewin on your own and register. We will both earn an extra 5 tickets if you use my code. After successfully registering, you also get your own referral code which you can use to invite others.

My personal code is kehGE.

kehGE folks, that's case-sensitive so be careful with capitalization :)
kehGE folks, that’s case-sensitive so be careful with capitalization 🙂


In case you win, you will need to present some validation to be able to claim your prize, and this depends on your user level.

Level 1 – As a level 1 user, you will have to present an NSO birth certificate upon claiming your prize.

Level 2 – To upgrade to this level, you just have to select this option in the settings. In addition to a birth certificate, you will also have to present a bank account.

Level 3 – Aside from the previous mentioned requirements, you also have to present a passport.

I actually still do not know the benefits of upgrading to a higher level, but I presume it would unlock better prizes for you.

Also, be sure that your name, age, birthday, and cellphone number that you entered while registering are true or otherwise there could be complications when claiming your winnings.

The first phone I was using for Vuewin got stolen, and hence I had to change my phone number. The problem is, you cannot do this easily via the settings within the app. To change this, you have to contact their support, which is and request that your number be changed. They were relatively quick with my request so you shouldn’t have any major problems with this.

Start Playing Now

Vuewin is a better way of viewing ads, thanks to its rewards system and simple yet engaging mechanics. For zero costs, you can get a chance to win money, or cars if you choose. It also seems to be a legitimate app. You can check their facebook page for testimonials and also to get in touch with their customer support.

If you have questions, you can comment below and I’ll try to answer them if I can. Or you can ask their responsive staff at their FB page.

Good luck with your bets and happy vuewing!

This is not a paid endorsement and all opinions are of the writer only.

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