My Day 2 – I Have No Money Left (I Wish I was Joking)

For the past three days, I’ve been commuting back and forth to Gilmore I.T. Center.

It’s about an hour and a half away from our home including traffic. I think I’ve already burned the calories from my birthday foodtrips!

All because of #PCProblems. I thought my graphics card was broken, but it was actually my motherboard. I sent out my graphics card to the shop in Gilmore for a warrantied repair (which has already taken a month but isn’t back yet) and bought a new motherboard in Cubao.

A motherboard that happens to be shit.

And then a good thing happened: I was hired for an online job! The sad thing is, I can’t do the job without my good PC. So I had to go to Gilmore again with my desktop to have everything fixed.

I had a budget of P2000. I ended up spending P14000++ because I had to buy a new GPU, a new hard drive (old one was apparently broken), and another motherboard (to make everything compatible).

My wallet was like “bruh, you don’t need me anymore. I’m free!

So many bad decisions were done over the weekend.

But, my PC is working perfectly fine now. I might be able to earn back the money I needlessly spent in a month.

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Jeremiah is a Broadcasting graduate with a passion for Journalism. His goal is to experience as many things as possible so his children and grandchildren will always have stories to hear before bedtime. In his free time, he watches movies, pawns n00bs, learns Japanese, and other trivial stuff.

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