Galaxy Freeze: Cool Enough?

Christmas may not bring the best climate for a cup of ice cream, but that didn’t stop me and my sister from trying out Galaxy Freeze, a refreshments corner directly in front of SM Masinag. We’ve just enjoyed SM Cinema’s free screening of Dumb and Dumber To (Funny. You should see it) and since we were still half full from the chips, dips and sips, we decided to forego the meal and go straight to dessert.

I was worried that we won’t be able to find it quickly. But just one look across the highway and there it is: small and unnoticeable unless you were really looking for it.

2014-12-06 16.06.54

We came around 4:30pm, and to our delight, there was no one else in the shop but us. We have it all to ourselves.

2014-12-06 16.07.01

We only had natural light, which was actually kinda sad because I wanted to experience the ‘club’ feel that was going on during the night. Mellow OPM was playing on the radio.

Prepared for Brainfreeze

We ordered two ice creams and just a serving of the wafer-sandwich-that-you-dip-in-the-liquid-nitrogen thingie. It was called atmospheric blast in their menu. I had the cheese cake ice cream dubbed Plasma Torus and my sis had the Choco Cookie dubbed Dark Dust Nebula. We are cheapskates without our sponsor mother.

Excuse the hand.
Excuse the hand.

The atmospheric blast was served first, with liquid nitrogen in a separate styrofoam cup. Remember to eat these one at a time. It leaves a mild burning sensation if you don’t wait a few seconds before chomping down on it.

Next came the Galaxy Delights.

2014-12-06 16.05.18
The Dark Dust Nebula, ready for exploration.
2014-12-06 16.10.39
Plasma Torus. Don’t let looks fool you!

The Taste..?

Both scored extremely high for our taste buds which were accustomed to 3-in-1 Selecta and Snowpy Ice creams. It was thick and rich, and it lasted long enough in the mouth for us to really ‘mmmm’ to our satisfaction, but not too long to turn us numb. The bottom scoop of my cheese cake however, which was dipped the longest in liquid nitrogen, felt a little hard. Like 1-day frozen butter. Still good though.

I dipped one spoonful into the remaining liquid nitro in the cup to make it even cooler, and the cashier was quick to remind me that it might get me frostbitten. I appreciated the concern and waited a few seconds before eating.

Careful; you don't want your tongue falling off.
Careful; you don’t want your tongue falling off.
Imagine if someone splashed this stuff to himself..
Imagine if someone splashed this stuff to himself..

I like the outer space theme of the place. Astronomy was always a particular interest of mine, which is one more reason that convinced me to try them out.

My Galaxy Jeje Cap was right at home with their wallpapers.
My Galaxy Jeje Cap was right at home with their wallpapers.

2014-12-06 16.07.22

Galaxy Freeze may not be a mainstream hangout place yet. However, it is a good spot for a get-together with long-time-no-see high school friends, or families who want something fresh with the way their dessert is served. For anyone interested, you can find this refreshment corner at:

2nd Floor Sunga Building, Along Marcos Highway Antipolo City
In front of SM Masinag.

You can also check their facebook page by clicking at this link.

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