Game Feature: Jetpack Joyride

Barry Steakfries. Do you know that name? Aside from having probably the most delicious surname, this guy also flies around with a jetpack that is also a gatling gun. That’s right, woah!

You should meet his friend, Jerry Pizzagravy
You should meet his friend, Jerry Pizzagravy

If you have an iphone or an android device and you’re still not familiar with Jetpack Joyride, do yourself a favor and get it right now. It’s free anyway, and it’s definitely addictive. I was gonna say you’re going to get a bang for your buck, but no bucks need be spent to enjoy this casual adventure.

I actually got this game for the PS3. It had a price tag at first but it was finally made free just this January. The game should only take a minute or two to download and install, then you’re all set to fly. You can also get this game for the Vita, which I think is the better device to play the game on.

What you have to do is to fly for as far as you can. Of course it’s not going to be easy since there would be electric fence, missiles, and the occasional laser beams to stop you from getting any further. Aside from those there are no other enemies, but really, those things are more than enough to give you a challenge.

NyanBarry can dodge missile like any other Nyanperson
NyanBarry can dodge missile like any other Nyanperson

To spice things up, there are vehicles that you can ride along the way. Simply touch the “Rainbow Gearbox” that will be gracing your screen every once in a while and you’ll be getting either a Gravity Suit, a Crazy Freaking Teleporter, a Profit Bird, a Lil Stomper, a Lil Hog, or Mr. Cuddles. My personal favorite is the badass motorbike called the Lil Hog. I find Mr. Cuddles the hardest to control.

Dying isn’t actually the end of a run because there will be tokens that you can catch during your “Fly-through,” as I’d like to call it. You use these tokens for the slot machine when you die, and you can either get a bomb to blast you away a few extra meters, double coins on the next run, resurrection for another chance, or a piles of coins.

The coins that you collect can be used to buy gadgets and utilities like a gravity belt, a 1500 meter headstart, golden vehicles, Bubbly Jetpacks and so much more, and it will definitely take you some time before you can unlock them all. Unless you bought coins with real-world cash, which is just plain wrong.

Of course the randomness is what makes it so enjoyable to play even if you start over and over again. No two runs are the same, and you’ll always be motivated to start another round to best your previous high score. My High score is just a little over 3000 meters while the top guys on the global leaderboard has over 9000(!) meters. Having many items at the shop also motivates the completionist to play this game until everything is unlocked. I’ve probably played it over a hundred times and I’m still not getting tired of it.

So much stuff in just one picture!
So much stuff in just one picture!

Let’s not forget the trophies. There are 12 trophies that you can unlock for this game although a platinum one isn’t included. Aside from that there are plenty of in-game goals that you can achieve to get yourself more coins to spend on items and of course, that sweet sense of accomplishment.

The game’s great and lively visuals matched with catchy BGM is as great as a casual title can be so I’m glad Jetpack Joyride made it’s way to the Playstation Store. Playing it on the Vita would have been a better experience though since this is a perfect game to pass time while on the road. Sadly, I haven’t bought a PS Vita yet.

Jetpack Joyride is one of the best casual games that I’ve tried in a while, and is a great in-betweener for my RPGs and open-world games. What’s more is the very attractive price of free, so I can’t see any reason why anyone shouldn’t get this game.

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