Kita Kita Movie Review: Empoy is the Comedian that Makes People Cry

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I’m a fan of Japan and of Empoy, so Kita Kita bringing these two together made this a personally irresistible film. I’ve been on the lookout for its release since I saw its trailer some weeks ago. Last Saturday, I finally got to see it with my girlfriend.

A review seems a bit late at this point though, because this movie has already been all over the internet. The last time a local movie hounded my FB news feed is during the Seklusyon’s movie run. This month, an Empoy and Alessandra love story takes the spotlight.

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Kita Kita is already hyped, so I’ll do my best to hype it even more with this review (and potentially spoil it for you). What can you expect as you enter the theater? Read on to find out!

The Touching Story

Lea is a Filipino tour guide in Sapporo, Japan. She is 2 years engaged with a Japanese barista named Nobu. Their marriage keeps getting pushed back because of the man’s non-readiness, and as time goes by they seem to be losing time for each other.

When their relationship takes a turn for the worse, Lea is struck by stress-induced temporary blindness, leaving her unable to go further than her house’s front porch. But this front porch is the stage where a new character enters her life. This is where Tonyo, a fellow Pinoy starts bugging her every day, until her cold heart warms up again.

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She may have lost her sense of sight, but she’s going to feel a lot more because of it.

The Unlikely Couple

I don’t think an Emra or Alempoy ship is gonna go trending soon. After all, Empoy Marquez is primarily a comedian, and these kinds of artists lead rarely in the romance genre. Still, his child-like charm and innocent jokes paired with Alessandra De Rossi’s fiery-but-friendly appeal make for a pairing that is intriguing, to say the least.

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Individually, you could say that their characters are a bit lacking. But bring them together onscreen and put them in a Japanese tourist spot, and you get #relationshipgoals.

There are other characters in the film, yes. But the Alempoy story is going to be so in front of your mind that you won’t even remember the other people’s names, much less their romantic crimes.


It’s weird. If you read people’s reactions about Kita Kita, a large majority is going to say this film made them cry into the credits. I myself am part of this majority, but looking back, the scenes are not really that sad. I believe the tearjerker is in the main character’s success in endearing the crowd, making them want more and then not letting them have more.

It’s like when you haven’t had breakfast and it’s already afternoon. Your favorite meal is served in front of you. After getting three spoons in, the meal is taken away and thrown into the biodegradable bin. You still want more but there’s nothing left, so you cry.

In the movie, Lea says that she feels she knows Tonyo very well, even though they’ve only been together 2 weeks. I think that’s how people feel towards the couple as well.

A Fun Script

I’m not sure if Kita Kita is based on a novel or if it was an original screenplay, but I have mixed reactions regarding the writing. In most scenes, the script sounds good and normal, but at times the dialogue sounds pangteleserye or the type you’re going to hear someone say only on TV.

What is most enjoyable, however, are those scenes that feel unscripted. Empoy cracks an off-script joke, and Alessandra just giggles. These scenes really make the movie worthwhile, and it’s good that there’s plenty of them throughout the flick.

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But the undeniable “quotable quote” from the movie, is the one to ten countdown. I’m not even going to explain what that is here because you’re going to have to watch it yourself to get the impact. 🙂

And that’s it!

It’s movies like these that make me think some Pinoy movies are actually stories worth experiencing instead of being a celebrity-centric cash-grab. I loved the setting, I loved the chemistry, and you’re going to say the same. Text your man or woman and buy your tickets because the good balance of feels and kilig are going to give you a nice, warm feeling.

As for my score, 8.5/10.

Well done!

How about you, what do you think of Kita Kita? Are you also planning on watching it on your free day? Let’s talk on the comments below!

I’ve recently watched Empoy on this other movie as well. You can give it a read if you’re not busy.

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