Life of Pi Amateur Movie Review

Fanciest looking emergency boat seen in a movie yet
Fanciest looking emergency boat seen in a movie yet

Life of Pi

I really wanted to watch this movie for weeks, and I was finally able to see it. I sure am glad that I didn’t just let Life of Pi pass me by, because it is a masterpiece that will surely evoke a lot of intense emotions from within and give you a lot of things to think about in life, if you let it. It is a far cry from mainstream movies and is not something everyone can appreciate, but if you pay attention, it has a great story for you to remember whether you like it or not.

I love novelty, and even just the trailer of Life of Pi was screaming the word over and over again, which really “forced” me to watch it. It’s also merited as best picture and best director which intrigued me even more. It was a story that I have never heard before, and the way it was told is awesome too.

It’s basically the story of Piscine, nicknamed Pi, narrating his story for a writer looking for an inspiration for his new novel. He was a Hindu, a Christian, and a Muslim all at the same time, and he is very knowledgeable even at a young age. He was very inquisitive too, and is curious about things that he did not find rational, which is a lot. When he was a teenager, his family had to move abroad, and this will cause the event that will make him and everyone watching, believe in miracles.

He tried to find the most rational religion, and which God or gods are real. He found out with an amazing quest for survival in the middle of the sea, with no one else accompanying him save for Richard Parker…Which happens to be a Bengal Tiger. I’d hate to spoil any of the story so I suggest you watch the movie to appreciate it yourself.

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The shots are very tight, and there never was a scene where I found myself confused about the story. The circumstances and solutions encountered by Piscine all sound believable which makes Life of Pi look as if it is based on a true story.

I guess there are just times when I wonder where he got the materials for his improvised rafts, when the main boat looks unharmed at times.

There are very beautiful and symbolic scenes in the movie, which are also very stimulating even if you disregard the meanings behind them (which I highly not suggest). The dialogues are creative and thoughtful as well. I learned a lot from watching The Life of Pi. I would have wanted to see it in 3D but I don’t have the cash for that.

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