Rise of the Guardians

Never done a proper movie review before so I don’t know how to do one, but anyway let’s try it.

Let me just say that I was looking forward to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but we missed the opening time so we opted for Rise of the Guardians. I came in reluctant, but I exited the theater sad. Sad because I only got to see it once.

Loved Santa's accent
Loved Santa’s accent

The movie’s got the Christmassy feel to it even though it’s not Christmas in the plotline. The main characters compose of famous figures from western lore like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Sandman, the Tooth Fairy, and Jack Frost. They were up against the bogeyman, which looks like your regular dentist, just in all black.

The Guardians do their jobs so children will continue to believe in them. The Fairy collects teeth and gives a gift, Sandman gives good dreams, Santa rewards nice kids with presents, and the Easter Bunny hides the easter eggs. Jack Frost however, has the totally awesome duty of bringing snow, but not one child believes that he is real and therefore no child can see him. Same thing for the Bogeyman.

The plot is, that the Bogeyman wants to be believed in again, to be feared again, so he knocks the other Guardians out of business to bring the spotlight to himself. The plot was good, and the re-imagining of the characters are welcome ideas. I never thought Santa could be Russian.

I won’t say it’s cliche since I didn’t get the feeling that I saw a scene before. My interpreted moral is that everyone has a “center” or purpose, and they should find it and share it with other people. Jack Frost’s center is actually in line with my own purpose in life so this is a great movie for me.

No such thing as cold feet for Jack
No such thing as cold feet for Jack
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