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My Day – 1: I Never Would Have Thought She Would Leave me So Soon

Let’s try something personal today.

About two weeks ago, I unsuspectingly came home to a crime scene.

It was already past midnight. The trike rumbled back to his terminal while I texted my girl that I just entered the house. All the other people were fast asleep so I carefully placed my wallet on a table and had my change of clothes. I move in zero decibels.

The next day went like any other Sunday. I woke up around brunch time (between 10-11am) and went to the living room. My girlfriend and I were going to meet again to watch a movie later in the afternoon so I figured I’d check all my online accounts already.

The monitor was plugged in and so was the PC. I booted it up.

Hmmm. It was just a black screen.

I tried rebooting it. Same.

black screen


I tried plugging my computer to a different monitor with a different HDMI cable, but still no luck! It’s time to go deeper.

Opening the case revealed the circuitry, wirings, and dust-covered metal. I wiped the areas that I can reach with the tissue that I got from the kitchen, while the corners and slots I brushed with a watercolor brush. Plenty of components were detached and reattached.

I usually do this kind of cleaning every 2 months, and usually, the PC would work a little faster right after. I was hoping this would fix that black screen I was getting.

I rebooted it again for the nth time. That’s when I realized that I’m not getting a black screen.

There was No Display

If I’d encounter a software issue, I would always fix it within the day. But when it comes to the hardware side, oh boy, my Googling powers just run out! I was thinking that something was wrong with my relatively new video card, but I can’t confirm because I’m missing some cables that I need to diagnose.

That day, I just went on with the date. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean, and I thought it was awesome. 8/10 (No review because everyone else already published reviews).

johnny depp pirates of the caribbean

The next day, I went right to Gilmore where I bought the video card. I thought I was lucky that we were still within the warranty period. The lady at the store said they have to ship the “faulty” Zotac GTX750 TI to the manufacturer and that it would take 2 weeks. %$&(*$#

I bought a VGA cable on the way home so I can still use the computer. No Dota 2 for 2 weeks but I should still be able to watch Youtube or something.

When I booted the PC again, this time using the VGA Cable

That’s When the Horror Sinked In

The video card is healthy af. My motherboard is the one that died on me.

I went online and checked every forum I could find that talked about it. All the lights and fans on the mobo seem to be working, but there is no display whatever I do.

I also reached out to my techie-er friends and they all said the same thing: if it’s not the ram, it’s the motherboard.

After a few days of not doing anything about it, I decided to do something about it. Together with my sister, I took my desktop to my friend who works as a technical support. Or PC repair hero. He disassembled my desktop again for a diagnosis while my sis and I had our lunch.

After we ate, we received the bad news that I anticipated. Marissa is Dead.

I named my PC Marissa, for a reason I forgot years ago. My girlfriend calls her netbook, Gabby. See, it doesn’t make us weird.

I Took Her to the People Who Gave Her to Me

More like sold her to me.

My PC repair hero friend said that to fix the PC, we have to change the motherboard, but their available parts are not compatible with my current components. I would have to upgrade everything or look for a mobo in the same generation as mine.

So my sis and I went to Farmer’s Cubao where I got this PC. I was lost at first because I can’t remember where the shop was located.

But thankfully, we found it after a few minutes and some moments more, they were already working on it.

The guy said it would take around 30-40 minutes so we’re free to roam around in the meantime. So roam we did.

We Had Some Bingsu While She Went Under the Operation


Bingsu is that cold dessert available in Chicken Bonchon. Have you tried that? Tastes amazing, considering it’s 60% shaved ice.

We went back to the store after we finished eating, and this time, I received much better news. The operation was a success, and the PC is now booting up again.


The new motherboard + labor cost P2,800, which I believe is a ripoff, but I was too happy that it was fixed that I couldn’t really care. I gave them the fees and went on to drag the desktop a few hundred kilometers back to our parking spot.

She Wasn’t the Same Anymore

Motherboard? More like… Baby board! Ha!

Yeah, I know there’s no such thing. But the new mobo they gave me was less than half the size of my previous one. I had an Asus P8B75-V while they replaced it with a Pegatron IPSX8 or something.

There was so much space inside my PC case after the fix. I mean holy crap. It looks like shit but it worked, so I guess it will do for now.

I mean wow it’s really ugly to look at… but I have to bear with it.

I won’t even name it this time. Maybe on the next upgrade. When I have enough cash… When I have a new job…

A job that’s not blogging.

I’m still not able to play my games on it because my video card is still set to arrive a week from now. I wonder what their repair team thinks.

“This guy must be an idiot. Sending in a perfectly working video card. Let’s send him a broken one to change the norm.”

What do you think about this kind of posts? Is it okay if I publish this every once in a while? Have you been in a similar situation before? Let me know in the comments below!

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