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Why is Sony’s EXTRA BASS Line-up Perfect for Electronic Dance Music?

My favorite genre is Electronic Dance Music.

It’s different to others in the sense that, while they can be enjoyed purely by the ear, EDM is something that requires the body.

You can’t listen to it without feeling the urge to dance to the beat. And, this festive genre is not only great to listen to; it is also a fun thing to watch.

While we’re on the topic, let’s talk about some of the best speakers to enjoy Electronic Dance Music with. I’m talking about Sony’s EXTRA BASS line of speakers. I think Sony fans would know that their headphones never forget to emphasize the bass. This is, of course, good news for pop and techno listeners.

Sony Extra Bass

Recently, they have released another line of audio systems that aim to bring the musical and visual experience of an EDM concert closer to home.

As a fan of the genre let me answer the question:

Why Choose Sony’s Extra Bass Speakers for EDM?

Sights and Sounds

Needless to say, the sound quality is very important for a speaker. There’s nothing to worry about in this regard, because Sony has years of research and development to rely on, creating an audio device that plays music as the artist intended.

For the Extra Bass series, they have also added a feature that not many other speakers have: dynamic lighting technology.

sony extra bass speakers feature

To really capture the essence of the EDM genre, they have fitted the speakers with illuminating units on the side panels that respond to the beat (and even follows by measure!).

No need for a separate visualizer; the intelligent lighting technology completes the audiovisual package.

Logical Design

Don’t worry about busting your Sony Extra Bass speakers on the first month. No matter how much of a bass booster you are, rest assured that the speaker can handle it.

To withstand and empower low-range frequencies, Sony engineered a dense body with rounded edges for more durability. Yet, the overall design remains compact and light for travel.

sony extra bass speaker design

They also used different materials such as rubber for an easy grip and scratch resistance, while making the bottom sides a bumpy texture for easier setup. The smooth, semi-circular design allows the speakers to stay in place during use while giving it portability at the same time.

Easy Connections

When the party just HAS to start right away, the Extra Bass Speakers has multiple features to help you out.

For one, it is NFC enabled so you just have to tap your phone on it to get those loud beats.

sony extra bass speaker bluetooth ldac

Don’t worry about your music dropping off in the middle of a good rave because of faulty connections. These speakers use Sony’s LDAC technology that transfers data 3x faster than regular Bluetooth. No static, no loss in quality, just a good time.

You can even connect up to three different devices so everyone gets to play their favorite songs. Not enough volume? Create a chain of up to 10 speakers with Wireless Party Chain that syncs the lights and sounds; even your friends upstairs can listen to your jams.


As if preparing for next great flood, Sony always makes sure that their latest devices have some kind of protection from the elements.

sony extra bass speaker water resistant

That’s why these Extra Bass Speakers are IPX5 certified which means the rain is not going to bother them, nor is the sweat from you and your friends’ dancing.


Aside from letting you boost the tickling bass that is the lifeblood of all EDM, Sony takes a step further and enhances the experience by adding lighting to the mix.

Now, not only will your rave-mates be able to enjoy hearing pulsing, good music, they’ll also be able to enjoy strobes of light that actually follows the sound. The color palette that ranges from cool to warm is certain to accompany the audio that you’re blasting through these Extra Bass series.

How about you: do you also enjoy Electronic Dance Music? What’s your opinion about these Sony speakers? Let me know in the comments below!

Image credits to Sony PH. This is an entry to the Yugatech x Sony ExtraBass contest.

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