Spider-man homecoming movie review (4)

Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Review: The Younger the Better?

I think there have been too many Spider-man movies. And with every reboot, the main characters seem to be getting further along their Benjamin Button Syndrome.


This year sees the youngest Spider hero to date, featuring a high-schooler who is just starting to figure out how to fix his voice cracks. Finally, a protagonist that is relatable for millennials, amirite?

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Call him the cool nerd, the young Peter Parker is clumsy but amazing for sure, especially with his suit on. I had a good time watching the flick. My girlfriend had to focus on not freezing up in the theater (she’s skinny).

What do we think of the 2017 version of the web-slinging hero? Read on to find out!


I think we’re all familiar with the plot of Spider-man by now. “With great power comes great responsibility” and all that. But what Marvel does with the franchise is to take out the dark plot points and replace them with mindless fun. Something that they are very good at.

Uncle Ben still dies in this film, but that is only mentioned in passing once and never touched again throughout the movie. It starts out right after the events of Civil War. He was so pumped to be able to work with other superheroes and is constantly asking when will be the next project.

Of course he still has his Spider-man suit and wants to act like a hero whenever he can. He wants to prove Tony Stark that he has what it takes to become a reliable part of the Avengers.

Not long after, he finds what he’s looking for: a band of bandits that is a little above bicycle thieves. He figured that this is his chance to make a glowing resume for the position of the next Avenger.

All this nighttime superhero work, he juggles with his studies. That’s nice; help other people but don’t forget your grades.

The Characters

Already having so many reboots, Marvel has to make sure that they nail their casting for the role. Not just for Spidey, but also the villains and the supporting cast. Luckily enough, they did!

Tom Holland was very good in his portrayal of the young Peter Parker. While the previous Peter’s were already matured, this guy is still awkward and highly energetic. And I gotta say, he acts exactly how an excited intern should act.

Spider-man homecoming movie review (4)

Then there’s his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon), who is a half-Pinoy. I know that movies have to be racially-inclusive these days but this dynamic doesn’t feel forced at all. He’s curious and asks a lot of questions, but he’s certainly helpful to Peter. Whether it’s for social events or when chasing down bad guys, he’s got unmasked Spidey’s back.

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The love interest, Liz (Laura Harrier) makes them a very cute pair, although romance isn’t really emphasized in Marvel’s rulebook. That’s fine, I guess. The action and witty dialogue are enough.

The villains could have used a little work. The main baddie, Vulture (Michael Keaton), feels rather weak. You can tell that he didn’t really want to be a bad guy, but I don’t really get his motivation for doing things. He says he’s just looking out for his family and that’s the reason behind his actions, but they seem fine and are actually living comfortably. Oh well. That’s the villain fit for a 15-year old Spider-man it seems.

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Dat Suit

This is the most high-tech Spider-man suit ever, which is no surprise as it was engineered by Tony Stark himself. It has drones, cameras and enhancers, and different “web settings.” Taser webs? Hell yeah!

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It even has its own A.I program. While it’s no JARVIS, it’s still a welcome idea to have in the suit. Although it may have hindered Spider-man’s abilities in the beginning, it proved to be very useful in later encounters with the bad guys.

Peter Parker is still mighty strong without the suit though.

I guess the only thing that I thought was a little lame, is that this Spider-man runs out of webs. He carries extra cartridges of web fluid around, but you know, it’s always more fun to shoot with infinite ammo.

And that’s it!

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It’s a good time-killer and I would recommend giving it a watch if you’re a fan of Spider-man or Marvel, or both. It has a very light-hearted theme with plenty of clean but witty jokes that you can enjoy with the family or friends.

I’ll just leave an 8.5/10 score right here…

How about you? Have you already watched Spider-Man Homecoming? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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