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Tambayan ni Pedro: The Mang Inasal-Killer?

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Hello Peeps! Before we talk about Tambayan ni Pedro…

It’s been a while since my last blog post (3 days ago), and that’s because I recently stopped being a house bum again! Yes to employment!

Now for the 18 people who keep returning to my blog to read my new posts, I guarantee that new articles will keep coming but not as frequently as before. Anyway, let’s talk about food!

tambayan ni pedro poster

A few months back, my girlfriend and I were walking through Sta. Lucia mall when we saw a large crowd in a newly opened space near Mang Inasal. It was a new fast food place called Tambayan ni Pedro. I was checking out the menu when I saw Shamcey Supsup manning the cash register!

It’s not every day that you see a beauty queen opening up a restaurant, and naturally, I wanted to try out the place because it was new. But there was a lot of people, and long queues are one of my biggest turn-offs in a food place. We just ate, too, so we just decided to try it out some other time.

And now that I’m working near the area, I’ve been going there everyday for lunch!

Is Tambayan ni Pedro the Mang Inasal killer? Or does it have a long way to go before getting its big break? Read on to find out!

The Ambiance

This joint venture between Shamcey Supsup Lee and her husband, Mr. Lloyd Peter Lee, is quite obviously built with the modern foodie in mind. A restaurant is not just about food anymore, you have to create an atmosphere that’s fun and shareable on social media.

And that’s what they did. I think during their conceptualization, someone mentioned “Selfie Park” and they just brainstormed around that idea. I mean look at these pics:

tambayan ni pedro tables

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east cr

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east bar area

There’s something to take a picture of literally everywhere. The walls are covered in murals and quotes, and kinda simulates a street environment. There’s even a sari-sari store inside, but you can’t really buy detergent or de-lata in here.tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east sari sari storetambayan ni pedro sta lucia east sari sari store kuno

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east albularyo services
For 150 pesos, you can be set for life!

Even the floor has something to catch the eye.

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east bike lane
So far, I haven’t seen anyone actually riding a bike inside.

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east cashier

What I also like about the place is that there are different ‘sections’ in terms of the arrangement. There are 4-seater normal tables in the middle, and there is also a bar-like area which you have seen in a picture above. There is also a couch where two people can sit, and also a section where the seats are swings!

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east swings

This is my absolute favorite spot at the restaurant because it has good lighting and it’s near the water dispenser. Swinging while waiting for the food is some way to pass the time, too (childish, but yeah). I’m pretty sure that I won’t like sitting here when it’s crowded, though, because the people behind you can easily swing back and hit you.

They creative juices were really flowing when people designed this place. I was lucky to be on the morning shift of my job so whenever I eat here, the mall is still closed so I’m usually alone. It’s a good place to relax and have a good meal.

The Food

We now go to the juicy part of this review. It’s clear that they’re targeting the Mang Inasal market with their concepts. They even copied the condiments, which include vinegar, soy sauce, and the mysteriously appetizing chicken oil.

That aside, here are the food that I ate during the 7 days that I had my lunch here.

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If you look at their menu, there are a lot of good-looking choices. And while the names are very witty, having overly long things to say is not really ideal. Some are even hard to pronounce or is just embarassing to say out loud. I just use the code (TM1, TM2, etc) to order sometimes.

Day 1 – Seksi Mayor Bistek (Beef Steak)

I was a bit short on cash when I first ate here so I just ordered something that fitted my budget. I ordered the Seksi Mayor Bistek.

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east seksi mayor bistek beefsteakThis one tastes very similar to Chowking’s beef chao fan, but is much more flavorful. The high-quality dinorado rice is a delight to chew, and is coated with the right amount of the sweet, salty, and partly sour beef steak broth.

The beef tidbits have just the right toughness, while the fried onion strips add more sweetness and ‘crunch’ to the dish.

Day 2 – Manok ni Pedro

Tambayan ni Pedro is like Parokya ni Edgar: you don’t know who the guy in the name is and we will never know. Anyway, I had the Manok ni Pedro on day 2.

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east manok

This is the almusal dish so it came with sinangag na kanin at itlog. The chicken is also healthily prepared because it was baked, although it did have an effect on the meat quality.

The skin on the sides were a little tough, unlike the middle part where the skin was still soft and fatty which packed the flavor. The meat was not as tender as I would have liked too, and is also a little under-seasoned although a little chicken oil and sweet soy sauce is the perfect remedy to this.

Day 3 – Lechon Sisig + Joel Togue

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east

The lechon sisig what I regard as their best-tasting dish among everything I’ve tried with them. Even people who don’t eat sisig might be tempted to try this out because this is not made from pork innards, but from pork lean meat cooked lechon-style. It’s actually similar to lechon paksiw, and the meat was very tender while the usually tough skin just melts in your mouth.

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east joel togue

I also tried the lumpiang togue out of curiosity. I don’t usually eat this vegetarian food, but theirs was actually good and does not taste like something from the karinderya. It has togue and tokwa and some garnish that tasted better without dipping it in the vinegar (for me).

Day 4 – Crunchicken ni Boi + Pansit


Tambayan ni Pedro’s version of a fried chicken is something that I particularly didn’t like. The skin was not crunchy at all, and was actually a bit hard to bite into. The meat was only lightly marinated, with most of the flavor coming from the chicken skin, releasing more of the linamnam the more you chew it (which is a bit challenging).

The gravy is also a bit weird, because it has the consistency of an egg yolk and almost tastes like it, too. But it’s okay. So yeah. Uh huh?

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east pansit

As for their pansit, you can maybe skip this one because it doesn’t look or taste anything out of the ordinary.

Day 5 – Kimmy Doray (Fish Fillet) and Cheese Sticks

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east kimmy doray fish fillet cream dory

Kimmy Doray is cream dory fish fillet that I have mixed opinions of. The fish meat was good. It has a tender consistency with a crunchy batter, that tastes really unique: well-seasoned and with a zest. The sauce was thick and sweet, though, like the usual dip for lumpiang togue. I don’t like sweet sauces in my rice meal but eh, adding some chicken oil made it taste a little better.

Also, it has so much rice that you’ll surely feel full even without next servings. There were only 4 pieces of the fish so unless you’re very conservative with ulam, there might be some rice leftover.

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east cheese stix

It’s a good thing that I also ordered cheese sticks, which I ate with the remaining rice from the Kimmy Doray.

Day 5 – Baked Liempo ni Pedro

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east baked liempo

At first, I didn’t read that it was actually baked instead of roasted. It was a little dry and there was not much oil, so this could be better for the health-conscious eaters out there. The meat was tender, and there was almost no fat, too. Just a thin layer between the meat and the crunchy skin. Now you might be accustomed to eating liempo with sarsa, but they didn’t have any so I just ate this with the magical chicken oil and sweet soy sauce.

Now you might be accustomed to eating liempo with sarsa, but they didn’t have any so I just ate this with the magical chicken oil and sweet soy sauce.

Day 7 – Ihaw Moto (supposed to be the Inasal)

tambayan ni pedro sta lucia east ihaw moto sweet tagalog chicken

I decided that I would conclude my review on the 7th day of eating, so I ordered the chicken inasal so I can compare it with their main competitor’s dish. Sadly, the cashier was new and just learning the buttons, so I think he pressed the wrong one. Anyway…

So this is the Ihaw Moto, or the sweet tagalog chicken. It looks a lot tastier in person, and has a tender meat with really sweet sauce. I previously mentioned that I don’t like sweet sauces in my rice meal, but I’ll give an exception to this one because adding the perfect combo of chicken oil and soy sauce made this taste really good. The skin was a bit tough, though, and I don’t think the serving of the chicken could last for extra rice.

The Service

Sad to say, if I’m going to visualize their service as a line graph, that line is heading down towards the last day.

On the first day that I ate, the people looked really lively and attentive. There were not much people around every time I ate so I guess they were able to give attention to everyone. After I made my order, the waitress quickly served the food a few minutes later, then handed me the spoon and fork even if I could have gotten it myself. They also served me a nice, steaming bowl of soup.

This went on until the 4th day. Everything was good and the people were friendly even if I see new faces from the staff every day.

On the 5th to the last day, I encountered some rooms for improvement. Cashiers were either very silent or inexperienced, the food was a little slow, they don’t give soup unless you ask, and they didn’t greet me anymore.

Now I know these things are not really a problem for normal people and I might just be nitpicking, but I can’t help but compare the customer experience from the first days with the last days of me going there. There was an obvious change in attitude, and I’m not sure what caused it.

Anyway, the prices for the meals ranged from P50 to P130 for one person.

And that concludes my visit!

I want to bring my girlfriend to eat here next time because I’m sure she’ll appreciate the cool interior design of Tambayan ni Pedro. She’s also a fan of chicken inasal and chicken oil so I know she’ll have something she wants to eat here (she’s usually very picky when eating at a new place).

But regarding their competition with Mang Inasal, I think that as of now, there is a clear gap between their popularity. When the mall opens, people quickly line up at Mang Inasal while Tambayan ni Pedro is a little short on customers. This might improve with enough promotion, though.

They might also want to improve the names in the menu into something easier to read and understand, and maybe play around with the recipe for the baked items because they need more flavor in my opinion.

They pretty much nailed the ambiance. The food was 50-50 in terms of flavor and serving, while the staff service could be made more consistent. I would certainly bring my friends here, but it won’t be the first thing to recommend if they want to try something new.

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